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The Multifaith Library exists to support the work of spiritual and religious caregivers in their efforts to understand the many faiths represented in our population. You will find resources on a broad spectrum of faith groups. We have books, articles, websites, on-line books and a telephone for those who need quick information or more in-depth research.

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Abraham Festival film 11th February, 2014, at Peterborough, Ontario, details. The Abraham Festival committee is busy planning for our 11th annual festival on Mothers Day weekend 9-11 May. Details and u updates:

Invitation to World Religion Day Celebration January 19, 2014, details

Silent auction benefits food bank

Edmonton multi-faith society celebrates with stories, readings, music

Judge Orders FL Corrections Dept. to Offer Kosher Diet

A not-so-kosher approach to adoption 11 December 2013

Letter: Adhering to golden rule can make world better

Compassion renewed, A Christian Science perspective. An antidote for compassion fatigue: the Bible's assurance of God's unstinting care at all times.

Satanic Temple Wants Monument At Oklahoma State Capitol Dec 09, 2013 7

Mormon Church Explains Defunct Ban On Blacks In Priesthood

UK Woman Wins Right to Marry in Scientology Chapel -- Five judges on Wednesday ruled in Hodkin's favor, saying that confining religion to faiths involving a "supreme deity" would be "unacceptable" religious discrimination and exclude faiths such as Buddhism and Jainism.

US Constitution Only Protects Christianity, Claims American Family Association (Video)

A Christmas gift from the next generation © The Christian Science Monitor

Israeli mother fined $150 for each day she does not have her son circumcised, The Telegraph | 27/11/13

Muslim benefactor will match contributions to Mormon church's typhoon relief, By Marjorie Cortez, Deseret News, Nov. 25 2013

‘Atheism is boring’ BY BECKY GARRISON,, November 25

What exactly is an “atheist mega-church?”

Kim Kardashian under fire for eBay charity auction 25 November 2013

Natural theology and nature religion 25 November 2013

Court Confronts Religious Rights of Corporations November 24, 2013

Burkes: God's love dispensed from 'Great Physician' Nov. 23, 2013

Muslim chaplains in British public life, Sophie Gilliat-Ray 18/11/2013

Trustworthy Rivals: On an Alternative Path to Multi-Faith Discourse -- Interfaith or multi-faith discourse can easily fall prey to agreeing to agree on everything, even where there are significant differences. Such agreement and affirmation may come across as disingenuous at worst, naïve and exaggerated at best. As I have had to tell various people of non-Christian faith communities over the years when engaged in such discourse, we are not saying the same thing.

Mayor Ford says he won't drink again, had 'come-to-Jesus moment

What Spiritual Directors need to know about Psychology

Sikh community honours a once-forgotten hero, Waterloo Record

REMEMBRANCE DAY: ISLAMIC VIEWPOINT, The Jami’yyatul Ulama Canada, Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians

Stoney Nakoda to be identified by their respect-based life,

Honouring the war dead We will remember them, but how?

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Indian consul general Akhilesh Mishra, legislators and prominent Indo-Canadians joined in Diwali celebrations in the provincial assembly at Queen’s Park last week, with Pandit Sharma

St. Bede's Anglican Church Celebrating 125 years of Ministry and Mission: Worship at St. Bede's Sundays at 10:00 am, The Rev. Dr. Ron Hunt, priest-in-charge

B.C. Faith leaders want spiritual care positions to be reinstated, Langley Times

Multifaith trip to Israel planned for 2014, with Imam Abdul Hai Patel,

Toronto Temple Location Change, The Wiccan Church of Canada

Dr Dilgeer on Sikh issues, Gurbani TV Canada, Part 3 A. Interviwed by S Raghbir Singh Samagh (Toronto, Canada) Video

Medicine and Migration in Historical and Contemporary Contexts, 8–9 November 2013, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Program includes: Rev. Dr Bhante Saranapala (University of Toronto) details

Entrepreneurial youth graduate from Shouters program

Dianne Algera, Traditional Rug Hooking Artist (Not Latch Hooking)

B.C. school bans kindergarten students from touching each other at recess, ANDREW RYAN, The Globe and Mail Nov. 05 2013

Yoga case ruling appealed; religious indoctrination targeted, Becky Yeh - California correspondent,, November 04, 2013

Christians, Muslims and prayer Does worship divide or unite? Nov 4th 2013, The Economist

Pollick: Meditation should be more mainstream Pollick: Meditation should be more mainstream, THOMAS POLLICK, COLUMNIST, November 4, 2013 The Daily Northwestern

Legislative prayer gets Supreme Court review Chicago Sun-Times By MARK SHERMAN Associated Press November 4, 2013

16th Annual Festival of Lights Service Sunday, December 8th, 2013 -- Sponsored by the Toronto Area Interfaith Council (TAIC) and by the Awakening Heart Circle, A Sufi Order Internation centre in Toronto. Details

Rosehedge/Multifaith Works Final Newsletter: Thank You

Scarred, Scared, and Sacred: Spiritual Practices for the Fall Triduum of Halloween, Samhain, and All Souls Day, Patheos

November is Native American Hertiage Month, lectures, films begin, Juneau Empire October 31, 2013

Rob Bell's 'spirituality over religion' talk with Oprah Winfrey will air Sunday, MLive October 31, 2013

US spymaster defends spying on world leaders CanIndia News October 30, 2013 -- See also: Italian magazine says US spies listened to pope, Vatican says ... Reuters

US lawmakers celebrate Diwali, CanIndia News October 30, 2013

Rihanna Asked to Leave Abu Dhabi Mosque After Photo Shoot , Time, Oct. 21, 2013

Turkey's First Islamic Sex Shop Opens Online, In Compliance With Religious Norms - October 21, 2013 - The "Halal Sex Shop" website presents its products as being "entirely safe," and in compliance with Islamic norms.

Can Jewish Interfaith Activist Jacob Bender of CAIR Fight For The Rights of Muslims in America? October 21, 2013

Religious Nonprofit Salaries: How Much Do Leaders Of The Top NGOs Get Paid? October 21, 2013

Religious beekeepers win court battle over tax technology - Telegraph, October 21, 2013 - Staunchly religious beekeepers who shun computers, televisions and mobile phones have scored a landmark triumph over the tax authorities

Religious racism: Are ‘good’ Christians more racist than others? - Toronto Star, - Racism in Christianity: If the church doesn’t want you, maybe it’s time to follow advice of Jesus and move on October 20, 2013

OJ Simpson Planning to Become Televangelist; Hopes to Be Out of of Prison by Christmas to Bring Gift of God to World, Christian Post October 17, 2013

The Devil Went Down to the EEOC:A Story on Religious Accommodation, Workforce Management (blog)October 17, 2013

Aronofsky & Paramount In Dispute Over "Noah" The Last Reel October 17, 2013

Letter: Members of religious minorities are Canadians, not 'immigrants' Montreal Gazette October 17, 2013

Activity-based funding model was 'wrong' Health Service Journal-Oct 16, 2013 -- Our columnist Michael White gets all spiritual this week. Read his insider's view of politics here to find out why.

Global Faith in Action aims to engage students with religion, Wichita State Sunflower-Oct 16, 2013

Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, Spiritual Care Awareness Week - October 15-18, 2013 Celebrate with us and take part in our events!

Celebrate Spiritual Care Awareness Week - Lunch & Learn Spiritual Care Awareness Week Open House Displays - VG Spiritual Care Awareness Week Open House Displays - HI Spiritual Care Awareness Week Open House Displays - DGH

Proclamation for 2013 Spiritual Care Awareness Week from the City: BRAMPTON | Brantford | Peterborough | Pickering | Barrie | Oshawa | Stratford | Hamilton | Port Hope | Toronto | Cornwall

Revival as Spiritual Week of Emphasis Ends, Covenant University

Religious education out, 'spiritual animators' in at Quebec schools

BGH Hosts Faith-Based Seminar October 15th as Part of Spiritual Care Week -, Brockville General Hospital will mark National Spiritual and Religious Care Week October 14th to 20th.

Spiritual Care Week: 'Spirituality transformed my life' - University Health Network, Toronto -Philip Murray (left), spiritual care professional dedicated to PMCC at UHN, helped Cathy and Barry Gibbons through the most difficult time of their lives. (Photo: UHN)

A surprising experience about the illusions that surround us - Truth or Lie? The Exhibition Oct 10, 2013 -- " Montréal Science Centre is inviting all sceptics to its latest production: Truth or Lie? The Exhibition. This participatory experience casts a critical eye on the illusions that can dupe us, the misinformation that we sometimes swallow, and an apparent reality that is not always what it seems."

Doctor-assisted suicide ban upheld in BC, Oct 10, 2013 -- The B.C. Court of Appeal, in a split decision, has affirmed the law against assisted suicide, in a controversial and historic right-to-die case.

Saudi court investigates marriage of 12-year-old girl, TORONTO SUN, OCTOBER 09, 2013

Abraham Festival Book & Film club, Starting Tuesday 8th October at 6.30 p.m. @ Peterborough, ON. Details

Facebook Approved Religious Harassment Needs to Stop Now Christian Post, Oct 8, 2013

Inter faith Series Examines Texts, by By Suzanne Monyak, Georgetown University The Hoya, October 8, 2013

Alberta Catholic school board to reconsider ban on HPV vaccine that bishop says is used to ‘palliate vices’ 07/10/13 National Post

The Rabbi Who Brought Religion Into Israeli Politics, By Noah Feldman Bloomberg Oct 7, 2013 -- " Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who died at age 93 in Jerusalem, wasn’t just the most important rabbi in the world. He was a transformative figure in Israeli politics, galvanizing Israelis of Middle Eastern origin into their own ethnically distinct political identity and founding the religious-ethnic party Shas. "

Widows Peak? Women Without Husbands Allowed To Perform Religious Rituals At Hindu Temple In Southern India By Palash Ghosh, International Business TimesOct 7, 2013

Interfaith Dialogue, Humanists and T-Shirts, by John Sargeant, Huffington Post UK-Oct 7, 2013

Interfaith marriage in Canada: Support is dropping, Vancouver Sun (blog)-by Douglas Todd-Oct 5, 2013

Noor, A Play Exploring Religious Tolerance - Oct. 4 at MC-TP/SS

Tallman: Whether ruled by heart or head, religion offers a home By Bruce Tallman, QMI Agency October 4, 2013

Nude protest disrupts Quebec legislature, CANOE, Oct 2, 2013

Arab blasphemy law being drafted, October 2, 2013

Christian Leader: On the day of nonviolence, India betrays the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi by Nirmala Carvalho, Oct 2, 2013

Bishops Push for Conscience Protections in Government Funding, 02.10.2013 Aleteia - "Leaders of the U.S. bishops have written to lawmakers insisting on the importance of acknowledging religious liberty protections and the conscience rights of health care workers."

Scientology: Should We Care About Religion's Influence In Music? Tone Deaf 10/01/2013

Pew poll: 1 in 5 American Jews have 'no religion' The Jerusalem Post, 10/01/2013 -- "Jewish millenials are "less religious than the US public as a whole," intermarriage rates up."

Speech about Jainism by Dr. Raj Patil @ Noor Cultural Centre, Toronto

Evidence of ‘progress’? New head chaplain of Canada’s military is openly homosexual Anglican priest,

Fired Religious Fox Sports Broadcaster: 'I'm Going to See Justice Through' 30 September 2013

How do religions die? Andrew Brown The Guardian, 30 September 2013

Gambia: No to Religious Extremism The Daily Observer (Banjul) SEPTEMBER 30

Prayer debate heats up: Bishop says religion key to culture, BY JASON WARICK, THE STARPHOENIX SEPTEMBER 30

Quebec minister responsible for charter to meet Muslim groups, The Globe and Mail, September 26, 2013 --"The group known as Quebec Muslims for Rights and Freedoms claims to represent 50 religious and secular Muslim groups."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Latest Psychological Torture? Making Prisoners Go Vegetarian, The Inquisitr News. September 26, 2013

Religious leaders call for Oct 1 prayers Capital FM Kenya By JEMIMAH WANGUI September 25, 2013

'Faith school forced me out for refusing to wear a Muslim veil', says Christian teacher, September 25, 2013 - A CHRISTIAN teacher has said she was forced out of a taxpayer-funded multi-faith free school because she refused to wear a Muslim hijab in the classroom.

Leaders of Divine Religions to Meet in Kazakhstan September 25, 2013

Judges weigh religious exemption for health law September 24, 2013

Pope says migrants not 'pawns on chessboard of humanity' September 24, 2013

Countering Violence, St. Columbans Mission Society 24.09.2013

What I Learned at NAIN Connect 2013 in Toronto, by Leslie Mezei The Interfaith Observer

Film and Dialogue: "Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity" Meetup, Tuesday, September 24, 2013 Meetup 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM Saint Joseph's University 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. More details

Religious freedom motion passes in Ontario, Jewish Telegraphic Agency

The Pontiff of No Return, PACIFIC STANDARD September 24, 2013 By Benjamin J. Dueholm -- The most important thing about Pope Francis: He’s blowing up the Catholic Church’s bridge back to medieval pomp, purity, and authority.

Charter of values: Poll reveals deep divisions Majority supports charter, but different parts BY PHILIP AUTHIER, THE GAZETTE SEPTEMBER 24, 2013

The Myth that Religion is the #1 Cause of War, by Robin Schumacher edited by Matt Slick Virtue Online, September 23, 2013

‘Ethical and Religious Directives’ guides reproductive health decisions at Nashua’s St. Joseph Hospital, By DAVID BROOKS, The Telegraph, September 22, 2013

Amnesty International Slams Quebec Values Charter For Limiting 'Fundamental Rights' CP | By Benjamin Shingler, The The Huffington Post, 09/21/2013

Military Chaplaincy – Interfaith at Risk, Patheos September 20, 2013 By Carol Kirk

Undignified worship is OK at local teen interfaith event, By JoAnne Viviano The Columbus Dispatch September 20, 2013

Hate Language Found In Interfaith Learning Community Elon Local News, September 17, 2013 by Joe Bruno --"The two roommates,one Jewish and one African-American, claim someone wrote “KKK” and drew a swastika on their dorm room whiteboard."

Some hate appears to be acceptable, By: Ihsaan Gardee, Sep 16 2013, Toronto Star -- Ottawa makes no move to block Islamophobe speakers.

Pauline Marois issues fatwa on Quebec secularism: Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star Sep 12 2013 -- "The Charter of Quebec Values is not in defence of secularism. Freedom of religion, and the right not to keep it hidden, is a key secular value." See also Quebec related: The Canadian Council of Imams, Jewish Community, Jason Kenney calls Quebec's values charter 'Monty Python-esque' Quebec values charter not 'going anywhere,' Stephen Harper says

New Vatican leader raises celibacy question The Vatican's newly appointed Secretary of State caused a stir when he suggested the tradition of celibacy for priests was open for discussion, By: Sandro Contenta News, Toronto Star Sep 12 2013

Quebec’s Charter of Values unveiled, taking aim at ‘overt and conspicuous’ religious symbols Marois government will try to shield it from legal challenges by entrenching secluarism in Quebec’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Montreal Gazette BY PHILIP AUTHIER, SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 -- See also: Letter: Marois can learn from federal government’s religious accommodation THE GAZETTE SEPTEMBER 6, 2013

France moves to toughen ban on religion in schools, September 10, 2013

Atheism not religion of meaninglessness, Sep 09, 2013 Windsor Star

Hospital crosses provide hope, Sep 09, 2013 Windsor Star

Brigadier-General John Fletcher : New Chaplain General for the Canadian Armed Forces, Marketwire - Sep 06 -- outgoing Chaplain General, Brigadier-General Karl McLean.

Saint Mary's frosh sex chant sparks review 'My colleagues and I were shocked by this incident,' Halifax university's head says, CBC News Sep 5, 2013

Hub For All Faiths Airport Chapel Gives Travelers Prayer Space, September 4, 2013 By CHRISTOPHER BRINCKERHOFF Journal & Topics Reporter -- "Rev. Michael Zaniolo, administrator and Catholic chaplain at the Interfaith Airport Chapels of Chicago, and who lives at St. Stephen Protomartyr Church in Des Plaines, recently recalled when the four travelers wished each other well following a service in the chapel at O’Hare International Airport."

Beliefnet Welcomes Spirituality and Aging Expert Dr. Carol Orsborn -- Watch List News (press release) Sep 4, 2013: Beliefnet, the comprehensive multi-faith online resource for inspiration and spirituality, is pleased to announce a new partnership with esteemed spirituality and ...

Minister of Justice Participates in London Consultation to Discuss Victims Bill of Rights -- The online consultation is available until September 3, 2013 at: These consultations will ultimately contribute to enhancing victims’ rights in Canada.

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